It’s 4:14 am and I’m not even tired this is the worst thing

21st July, MondayReblog

I need to stop saying sorry after I rant about shit. I shouldn’t be sorry. I am not invading a space. I am not the issue. I am allowed to voice my thoughts and it is not intrusive to call people out. And if they have a problem fuck them. I need to remember this. I need to stop saying sorry

15th July, TuesdayReblog

things like that get me really worked up

also how many time do people need to say that when you say “i don’t see color/race/sexuality/gender/religion/etc” it’s really not helping anything at all ever

you’re basically ignoring all their struggles as if the key to equality is not acknowledging their cultural background/gender identity/sexual interests/who they worship/etc which is the issue to begin with

everyone wants equality with every part of their identity included 

people don’t want equality despite pieces of their identity, or equality if you ignore pieces of their identity

that’s not really equality. it keeps the standard at straight white cisgender males (I know how people hate that incessant phrase but it’s true that it’s the highest form of privilege no matter what) instead of saying that there is no standard and that’s what actual equality is

15th July, TuesdayReblog

If you’ve seen that pizza shop “people who have less give more” gif set this is what I’m referencing
It’s just the worst way to explain your point. I get what it’s saying, it’s often true, no question HOWEVER
Going up to random people in a restaurant asking them for food? That’s unacceptable and of course they’re gonna say no. It’s weird and creepy and therefore doesn’t apply in the context you’re trying to fit it in
Then you go and ask a homeless man for pizza and it’s awesome that he gives you a slice but seriously? You then eat it?? What a dick move. I’d take the video and then tell him what I’m doing after he says yes. This guy’s homeless and probably had very little so why are you eating the pizza slice you bought for him???
The whole thing frustrates me because it’s a common event of people trying to prove points about the human condition in how we treat one another and can improve but the way they try to do these social experiments is messed up. It doesn’t apply if you’re not displaying common occurrences. Annoying people out of nowhere to make a point on a YouTube video is pretty shitty despite you trying to prove a point about being nicer
Maybe take your own advice before you start shooting videos where you become really self righteous
My example of where this doesn’t apply is, for example, the videos done by FouseyTube where he acts out a situation that is likely to happen in public to see responses however he doesn’t go up to random strangers aggressively

13th July, SundayReblog

Whenever I wake up before 11am I tell myself “it’s too early I should be asleep” despite the fact that when I go to sleep at night and later in the day I always try to prevent myself from sleeping in that late

13th July, SundayReblog

Just saw something talking about teaching “period dances” as in from a certain time period —Middle Ages, in this case
But my mind went “wow I wonder how they conceptualized menstruation into a dance”
I’m gonna conceptualize it now, though

12th July, SaturdayReblog

Goodnight, all little lovebugs out there. May you get all the sleep you need without having to sleep more than you want. And may you dream of wonderful things

8th July, TuesdayReblog
Just gonna lay here with my stuffed elephant until I die of pure exhaustion or maybe just fall asleep even though I’m not supposed to

Just gonna lay here with my stuffed elephant until I die of pure exhaustion or maybe just fall asleep even though I’m not supposed to

I have things to do but I am so tired and I don’t want to move. I keep remembering money I owe and it’s freaking me out
Also my car is getting 18 miles/gallon and it’s a tiny Volvo sedan AWESOME

8th July, TuesdayReblog

I’m nostalgic in a bad way right now. I hate missing people that cut me off but some times I just get a memory and it hits me and I’m so mad and disappointed and I wish I could go back to that friendship and revel in it but I can’t
Somebody distract me because I am not able to sleep

7th July, MondayReblog