Cannibal Queen
I'm Mia. I'm a pit of anxiety at times and I'm a bundle of joy in others. Mainly I just sit around and browse the internet. This is my journey to figuring out what people mean when they say "be yourself". It includes lots of cheesy jokes and complaining. Twenty-one years old and still a mess. "If you're not suffering you're not funny."
This is my face. These are things I've written. These are things that I'm listening to. This is me in motion. And this is probably my favorite tag on this blog.

So I covered one of my favorite songs in my new favorite shirt and I actually like it and I had a lot of fun singing it
Also my hair is gross but looks kind of good? Cool
Anywho this is “What If I’m Right?” by Sandi Thom and I hope everybody likes it

I find lips to be one of the sexiest body parts and lip biting to be so damn hot (so 50 shades of cliche, I know) but still
I’m feeling pretty hot tonight so this is an attempt at appearing seductive because I have zero experience at seducing but I wanna feel empowered through sex appeal tonight
(and not in the creepy porn way but I think that’ll be the result, so I may delete this)

This is not even closed to my favorite cover but this is my ultimate feel-good song and maybe my favorite song altogether and I had fun so whatever 

If you can listen to The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” and not be happy there’s probably something wrong with you

(it comes back around)

I grew up on Shania Twain’s music and was reminded recently that they describe my outlook right now. I want what I want and I’m not gonna settle for less. And boys should bow down.

So I covered “That Don’t Impress Me (Much)”.

#tbt in regards to the song. Most #underrated #boyband #ever. #heyjuliet by #LMNT. more car tunes for more doctor’s appointments

If you’re not in tears due to sheer emotion of my passionate love then you’re doing it wrong. #philcollins #youcanthurrylove #ihavenolife #reesesareimportant #candyismyboyfriend

The penultimate member of the greatest love story ever written. #neildiamond #imabeliever

Part two of this very important saga. #areyoureadyforthis #idontthinkyoucanhandlethis #canyoufeelthelovetonight #eltonjohn

Part one of a very important saga #iwontsayiminlove #hercules #lipsync #disney

Car tune instagrams are becoming a thing. Dedicated to @geggattit with my #britneyspears #classicjams moment #whatisshame #idontfeelthat #beltitloud #beltitproud