becomingmia asked: You're kind of definitely a disgusting human being. I probably shouldn't say anything because that's exactly what you're looking for, but reading your trash made me cringe so hard I can't help it. Whether you are or aren't a troll you ought to be punched in the throat. I realize you're just a scared, insecure, child-minded asshole and if you're a dude you probably have a tiny dick, but that's not other people's fault. I hope you receive the hate that you put out tenfold.



"kind of definitely"

why is that every woman on the planet always makes a comment about the size of a dudes dick if she doesn’t like him but if you made a comment about her anatomy she’d freak the fuck out and the next thing you know we’d have another #YesAllWomen thing

Which part of my anatomy do you want to complain about? I mean, it could be because a woman’s self-worth is not tied to a singular body part in the way that men generally assign to the size of their penis but go ahead
I’m overweight, I’ll admit that about myself
But I have great tits and a great ass. A whole lot of dudes think I’m cute in the face. You could complain about my pussy but what would you know about it? It’s not like I’m insecure about it
The “yes all women” is completely separate from my insulting a dude’s dick but as I said, didn’t pay enough attention to be sure if it was a dude. Either way insulting your penis and bringing up valid criticisms of sexual violence and harassment are completely separate
Not to mention this person is using the n-word, the r-word and many other slurs so I just don’t give a shit (:

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Anonymous asked: your parents are dead and they're never coming back. get over it.

Who wrote this? I am literally cracking up are these insults I’m getting or something? Dude my parents live like a mile away and they’re fine. I just talked to my mom a few minutes ago on snapchat. (Though it’s distressing that she has snapchat)
You’re a weirdo bye

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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

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Shout out to the blog who liked my post yet didn’t answer the question. Why did you like that??

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The start of a little project I’m working on.


121734 listens

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It’s called an ORgasm, not an ANDgasm. We’ll get you next time babe…

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Somebody talk to me or tell me what to do: read? Watch tv? Watch a movie? Film a video?

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